July 12, 2018
2 months and 15 days left
until our celebration.
Welcome to the 2018 Erickson/Eriksson family reunion website!  We hope this site makes planning for and coming to the reunion simple for everyone. The 2018 reunion will be July 12 - 15 in Washington, D.C.  This reunion wil be hosted by Donald and Phyllis Erickson's daughters Sara Erickson, her husband Scott McClain, Sonja Erickson, and her husband Rusty Monhollon.  We have a lot of new information for you.

We have made plans for several events which you can learn more about by selecting the "Details of Events" yellow link on the left.

Please RSVP for the reunion by January 31, 2018 for each event that you will be attending.  You need to RSVP using the "Event RSVP" yellow link on the left.  This is also where you will RSVP for the other reunion events.

Do you want to know "Who's Coming?"  Select the yellow link on the left to see who has submitted an RSVP for each event.

You can now make your hotel reservations by selecting the "Travel Information" yellow link on the left, and then selecting "Accomodations."  Please reserve your room through the link on this page.  This reservation link is only for our family reunion.  You must reserve your room by December 1, 2017.

Also on the "Travel Information" page is information about "Air and Ground" transportation. 

If you have any questions, please "Contact Sara & Sonja" using the yellow link on the left.  We will update this site with more information from now until the reunion, so please check back regularly.